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PD Building Expansion Initiative


The information contained herein details considerations for this initiative.

After 27 years of serving in our Police Department, Chief Crowson recognized the need for improvement in the physicality of the building for safety and efficiency.  He began compiling data for this project with an initial drawing using donated funds.  He then created a PowerPoint Presentation to showcase the current PD operating environment and its shortcomings at a public meeting of the Council.  (PowerPoint Presentation is included herein.)

This initial drawing was submitted for review to a professional law enforcement consultant, Dr. Warren, who has extensive experience in advising police departments on standards and procedures for optimal operations.  Dr. Warren made a presentation of his findings and recommendations at a public meeting of the Council.  (Presentation is included herein.)

With recommendation from Town Manager Cusick, the Chief contacted Pat Ryan, the architect who oversaw the design/build of our current PD and Town Hall.

The Chief, Town Manager and I met with Pat on the initiative to include Dr. Warren’s recommendations and reviewed a financial projection for costs.  Dr. Warren had posed an optimal idea and a modified version, both of which would afford a safe and sound operation and offer cost alternatives.  In review of the $199,000 projection the Chief has always proposed, we concluded it best to present Dr. Warren’s proposal of a modified version.  (Pat Ryan’s September 2016 projection of cost is included herein and does reflect a 6% inflation rate on construction from the initial May 2015 estimate.)

The Budget and Finance Committee's comments on the funding of the project are also included herein.  The funding will result in participation by PD with $50,000 of donated funds, $50,000 of Sussex County grant funds, and the balance from unassigned funds in our budget that have resulted from surplus created through the sound fiscal management of our Town.

During the November 18 Council Meeting there will be a discussion and vote on moving forward with the Soil Boring Test ($3,500) and Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering Design Drawings and Site Engineering ($29,000).  (This information from Pat Ryan is included herein.)  This will provide us with the means to then go out for construction bids and once those results come in we will have a discussion and vote on moving forward with the building expansion.  That vote is anticipated in March, 2017.

Moving forward this website will be updated on a regular basis when new information becomes available.

Thank you.

Pat Voveris