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PD Building Re-Purposing Initiative


It has been some time since this website has been updated to keep owners informed about actions and considerations.

The bid results for the expansion initiative were so costly that the Town Council did not elect to move forward and instead tasked Chief Crowson with looking to repurposing the building.

Our Chief has implemented ideas thus far with grant funding and now proposes additional activity which he has outlined in a memo dated February 20, 2018.

He proposes a steady and practical course with an eye to grant funding, if available, and if the opportunity does not present itself he will seek some financial partnering from our Town.

The end result should mean a safer and more efficient Police Department facility and correct potential liabilities that were identified by several expert consultants in the field of police operations.

Please take the time to review Chief Crowson’s update and illustration of what improvements/changes are to be considered as the Town solicits bids for the initiative – click here to open the Chief’s memo.

Thank you.

Pat Voveris